To be a part of the Weatherby family is really to be a part a legacy. Roy’s ingenuity, innovation and passion to drive things forward. Ed’s character and integrity as a family man and man of faith. Now Adam will leave his mark and write the next chapter of the Weatherby story.

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  1. Paul Folse

    Thank you for your future in the finest gun manufacturer ever.
    Paul Folse

    1. Bob Stahl

      Ed, Job well done. You did your father proud! Adam, Big shoes to fill and a awesome company to take charge of. I worked with Marty and Roy in the old days as a dealer. Needless to say, I’m still own Weatherbys! My best wishes for Ed and his family as they move forward and Adam, carry on the great name ! Do your father prouid!

  2. John C. Carroll

    I am 59 and wondering Ed’s age. My first rifle was a Mark V Deluxe .270 Weatherby Mag. It stomped me like a mule so I sold it. I’m an idiot…wish I still had it! I feel like I have grown up with Ed as I have watched him gray over the years. Roy’s story is one that has always intrigued me and I feel like Ed has done a stellar job of continuing his dad’s legacy yet having established one of his own. Hearing that Ed is a family man and a man of faith only serves to create a truer bond between he and I. I just hope to shake his hand one day and maybe hunt with him. By all counts per your video, it sounds like Adam is a chip off the old block as well. My likes and dislikes in rifles and cartridges have been largely formed by Roy’s original velocity theory and his rifle design. I have been most pleased at the adaptability of Weatherby in a rapidly changing gun/hunting environment and am thankful to the dedication of the family and the company for the efforts shown and time given to improving the gun/hunting scene for my generation and generations to come.

    The Weatherby products I have owned over the years have served me well and brought me (and others) great joy. I owned a Mark V .300 WM (Fibermark, I think) that I sold to a friend years ago and it is his pride and joy. I still own an Orion Classic Field Grade III, a CFP in .22-250, two Weatherby .22s, and Mark V Deluxe .257 WM and my pet rifle is a Rifles Inc. Strata in .300 WM. At present the 6.5-.300 sounds quite sexy but I have yet to bite off that animal.

    In the hundreds of comments I assume you get weekly, I beg of you to convey my message to Ed. I would actually care to invite him to a good green timber hunt next fall in Arkansas. Many thanks…john

  3. Robert Moseley

    Awesome company with with faith in God and family. What a tremendous story of a family own and ran business. I have many of your products and will pass them on to my children in the future. Keep up the faith
    Robert Moseley

  4. Michael W Mullins

    It’s great to see such a great family heritage passed on to the next generation, wishing you and your family continued success !

  5. David Rabie

    Hi I have 300mm mag mark 5 made in Japan and 7mm mag synthetic stock. I wonder if there is any deference between American made and Japanese made

  6. Mike Deasey

    Adam, Thank you from all of us for keeping this great company going forward in to the future. Weatherby is a great piece of Americana I hope goes on forever! A special thanks for thinking of us left handers with your Mark V rifles. I bought a 460 Weatherby Magnum in the eighties and love it today as much as the day I brought it home. I don’t think anyone can match the innovative thinking of Roy Weatherby. But you have been given a gift from your father which was given to him by his father. I’m sure you will keep the greatness going to pass on to your children and many more generations to come!

  7. Greg Kohler

    I was very moved by this transition video. I am so glad the God is so important to you & your family. I have been considering buying a new rifle & I would prefer to buy from a company that serves the Lord & recognizes the importance of family.
    I would love to hear more about your faith sometime.
    I will be switching to Weatherby from here on out & a new 257 Wby mag is first on my list.

    Thanks, Greg

  8. William Gueits

    I’m 69 years old in a veteran. When I was 17 years old I used to walk home from school in stop at the weatherby store on firestone blvd. I would look at the big bear in the window . Then I would walk over to all the little garages where the rifle where being made. After 3 months some old men yelled at me in motion for me to come over. He walk with me in show me everything. I will never forget it. Thank you!!!!

  9. Bill Jackson

    I have two Weatherby rifles one is a .223 and the other is 300 Weatherby magnum and on a good day the .223 will put three rounds in a dime at 200 yards and the 300 will hold .750 at the same distance
    I am more than satisfied with the quality of my Weatherby firearms. I would recommend your product to anyone. Thank You

  10. George E Lindemann

    Good products and good family values. I have never used any of your firearms, but I have helped a couple friends with theirs. Both were older rifles and just needed minor changes necessary because of there age. They claim they shoot better then ever. I know they both shoot under 1/2 minute of angle at 250 yards, but I believe they both would have when they were new also. Enjoyed the video about passing the business to the new Generation. Some time I may get one of your rifles, although my safes are full and I really don’t ever sell or replace any so I don’t know when.

  11. Raleigh Thomas in Fla.

    Adam, congrats on taking the lead at Weatherby! I certainly hope you continue the tradition of making the finest production rifles made in the U.S., and never selling-out to some ‘mega-corp.’ hacks concerned only with huge profits from mediocre rifles. My Mark 5 Deluxe in .300 Wby. is my most trusted rifle. My confidence in it is total and doubtless. Fits me like a glove, and it’s accuracy and power are unmatched. I waited and saved a long while to finally get it, but it was worth the wait! I’m sold on Weatherby, and some of my other rifles will be shortly, to get another in .257 Wby.! God Bless you and all the ‘family’ at Weatherby!

  12. Danny

    I have many rifles, 3 of them are Weatherby’s. No question or doubts about it, my Weatherby rifles are my absolute favorite! Congratulations to you Adam. I’m sure you are very honored and proud of your fathers legacy. By all means, please continue on in the Weatherby tradition.

  13. DAN SPAK


  14. James Cappel

    I have always wanted a Weatherby rifle, I’m 70 years old now, raising a young family left little on the table for me to fulfill my dream.
    I bought my dream gun a few years ago, a Weatherby South Gate. It is in poor shape but it’s mine, I called Weatherby and they will put it in as new shape for a very reasonable amount.
    The new 6.5-300 is sucductive, do I have the will to resist? Not likely. The best to Adam and his future with one of the greatest firearm companies in the world.

  15. Joseph Esposito

    In 1961 I sent for the Weatherby magazine (Tomorrows Rifle Today) which is now probably a collectors item. It was a facinating magazne and I fell in love with Weatherby rifles.
    Eventually I purchased a 240 and had it hand honed at the factory in South Gate California. I also own a Weatheryby 7MM Mag and both have unbelievaable accuracy.

  16. brian f schaffer

    its going on 40 years since i purchased my only Weatherby vangaurd deluxe in 7mm rem mag and have been very proud of it. i used it every deer season in michigans U.P. i never took any other rifle with me , it was always my go to gun when i opened the safe every year. i thank your family for such a wonderful rifle that i will own for many more years before i pass it down to my son so he too can enjoy hunting with the best rifle made.

  17. Craig Shelton

    Good to see that Adam has the fire inside of him for the family business. Based upon what I see, I fully support this transition. The Weatherby brand is strong. I am hopeful that it remains so. I think that it will.

  18. Dwayne Baker

    Best rifle ever not just a weapon but something to be handed down from generation to generation thank u for an outstanding product and heirloom

  19. Bill Alfaro

    Weatherby is and will be left in good hands! Congrats Adam! Many years ago I bought a Mark V in .378, it truly is the ” Hammer of Thor!” Nothing has escaped me over the years with that rifle and my .300 as well. As a firearm salesman I see many sportsmen settle for lesser products and regret it. My first recommendation is always the Mark V. My one wish is to see the Mark V Deluxe as a standard offering in LEFT hand models without the custom pricing. We leftys have money to spend too! Wish all the best.

  20. Greg Nestor

    I my first Weatherby in the 257 WBM about three years ago. It is the Vanguard model with the walnut stock and rosewood tip on the forearm. Beautiful rifle and shoots absolutely lights out! I have already harvested several whitetails with it and it quickly became my go to rifle. Since that time I have added the 240 WBM and the 270 WBM. The 240 is also a Vanguard but has the synthetic stock. Retails around $600. What amazes me is the fact that you can own a Mark V or the Vanguard with the synthetic stock that I described above and they all are amazingly accurate. You tell me where you can buy another production rifle in that price range that has an incredible trigger and is ultra accurate with great craftsmanship! I own numerous Remingtons, Rugers, Winchesters, and even Kimbers……but I will take the Weatherby over all of them!

  21. Fereidoon Delfanian

    I wish you the best.
    I am a new customer to Weatherby and was very much impressed by the customer service. Keep up the good work!

  22. Phil Gragg

    It is beautiful sight to see a family pull together and recognize their heritage. May the wisdom and insight of your past family be with you in leading this great company into this new generation. You have inherited a great tradition, carry this proudly and keep pushing the frontiers of better firearms and ammunition.


    The Weatherby MarkV is by far the finest firearm I have ever owned in accuracy,reliability,and style. I hope that continues in the future. Weatherby was always two or three times the cost compared to some other mfgs. but well worth the price. I hope the quality never changes. Best of luck in the future.

  24. Sia. Parstabar

    Adam, I wish you well . Have hunted with Weatherby rifles since the time of your grandfather . Still my favorite the .300 goes around with me when big game hunting . The first .300 I acquired was in 1972 it was lost under certain circumstances it has been replaced with the one I currently have plus the legendary 30.06 and the .240 all in mark v.
    I was so delighted to see this clip and Ed passing the torch to you . Hope the business always stays in the family and you take the legacy of your Grandfather to a greater glory !

  25. Glen Nelson

    Like a previous comment, I sent for the Tomorrow’s Rifle for Today, when I was a young idol of the Weatherby, always wishing for a left handed. It took me 46 years until I could justify the the purchase price. I bought a .300 WBY Mag Ultra Light (left hand) with synthetic stock. What a shooter; however the recoil and muzzle jump were too much! Put a muzzle brake on it and it is a super accurate rifle I will not part with it, and will pass it down to my sons or grandsons with pride. Two years ago I purchased .257 WBY Mag ACCUmark in left hand of course! What a joy to shoot and it is my go to rifle every time I open the gun safe!

  26. Ron Hart

    I still have a Weatherby Supreme Scope that my dad bought in1958 on my 300 WBY. I grew up in Watts , only a couple of miles from the South Gate store. Wonderful memories. I now own three Weatherby rifle and will not hunt with anything else.

  27. Steve Schumacher

    Congratulations to you Adam on taking over the reins of a great gun manufacturer, good luck.

  28. John Voight

    I first bought a Mark V 257 mag many years ago and has been a favorite of mine and my sons. After he started hunting with it I had to go with another gun, so I bought a Mark V in 7mm-08. Both are very accurate and look good to boot. Last year I found a Mark V varmint Stainless in 243 cal. , now my son is hunting with it. So I guess I will have to buy another Weatherby

  29. Nello Papi

    Many years ago I had a Mk V Weatherby,26″ barrel,cal 30-06.I tinkered with the trigger to the extent I couldn,t get it to fire no matter what I did.I called the company,they told me to return it.At that time this MK V had a side safety ,while the newest model had the safe on the rear of the bolt.About a month later the rifle was returned to me as their latest model at no charge! It had a gorgeous stock that looked like custom wood.It was too pretty to use hunting so retired it to my safe.For a company to do that for a customer was far beyond my expectations and I became a great fan forever. Nello Papi

  30. Mike Howell

    I purchased my first Weatherby in 1974, a 240 magnum which I still shoot today. I have the 22 as well and would never sell either one. We need a full line dealer in Georgia. Please make that a priority.

  31. Joseph Doyle

    I have lusted over a Weatherby rifle for quite some time. I finally bought one 3 years ago. A Weatherby Vangaurd in .308 Winchester. It is the pride of my collection of bolt action rifles. It shot very well out of the box and will soon get a deluxe sporter walnut stock. The fit and finish on these rifles are bar none. I chose it over a “R” 700. And have no regrets. I’m excited for Weatherby’s family to continue into the future and make some of the greatest firearms out there. Never change that. That, combined with awesome customer service, and listening to the customers, is what has kept this company going. Never become big corporate. Ed, thank you for fulfilling your fathers wishes and never losing sight of what Roy wanted from his legacy. Adam, now that the reigns are in your hands, you got some mighty big shoes to fill. You sound like you have the fire and passion to keep the family tradition alive and well. Some day, you will pass the torch. Never forget the legacy of your family name, and never forget your grandfathers drive for innovation. That’s what set Weatherby apart from all the rest. God bless.

  32. Bruce Holman

    A great American company I purchased a vanguard weather guard in 30-06 with the Macmillan stock about 30 years ago at least I still use that gun today I’ve taken many deer with it here in my home state of Georgia . Keep the great products coming thanks

  33. Daniel Heusler, Sr

    I will never forget my Father bringing home his dream gun in the 70’s, an absolutely beautiful Weatherby .300 win mag, with wood that looked like you could see forever just looking into the grain, the checkering, the fit & the feel, the pride of finally having his dream gun a reality. It was at the time the top-of-the-line model and a whole bunch of money, and for not being a “custom shop” gun just took everyone’s breath away.
    The gun was as accurate as any gun could dream of being, but sadly he never got to harvest any game with it & had to sell it due to unfortunate circumstances. Fast forward to 2013, and as you guessed I finally purchased my first Weatherby, a Vangaurd .300 win mag, I simply couldn’t afford the premium grade I wanted, But after having it all set up by my local gunsmith with scope & muzzle brake it didn’t matter how it looked, IT SHOT!!!! A very functional gun, a tack shooting firearm that took 5 white tails with 5 rounds, no questions asked. Dad was afraid to get his gun dirty, I don’t blame him, it was a unique piece of art, but my synthetic held up to freezing rain, snow, harsh terrain, and always did the job. Sadly to say I will have to sell it due to severe neck & shoulder trauma, and will be soon inheriting the guns my father is leaving me, sans the Weatherby, but will hopefully be able to start saving my pennies to buy a slightly smaller caliber to compliment my current health status, and this one will have the glory of my Dad’s for looks, and the always performing shoot-ability of the great Weatherby heritage. God Bless & continue the heritage, I look forward to the future with hope. Dan

  34. Dean DeBow

    My Love for Weatherby began over 40 years ago! Every year I take a new. Hunter ,, introducing and teaching the Hunt and the best cartridge to accomplish the task!!!!!

  35. Kyle smith

    I think it’s awesome you guys are coming to Wyoming. I work for the stonemill who is doing all the concrete work and it’s truly a blessing to be able to work on such an amazing project. Thanks for the opportunity. Would really like to meet you guys some time.

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