Hunting and being outdoors with someone, it forges a relationship that can’t be accomplished anywhere else. You can learn a lot about somebody in a short amount of time that might take a lifetime elsewhere.

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  1. Sherrie Eriksen

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. It’s the confidence gained by being with other women with the same goals and values that makes these hunts so special. I would like to go on a women’s only hunt one day. Love my Camilla and love that in this video the women are using the Camilla.

  2. Campbell King

    Well done and enjoyable..My wife and I hunt together and have had great experiances outdoors.

  3. Richard Harris

    Took my younger son out for his first big animal this year – a pig. What a joy for a father. What I would give to be able to take his twin sister on a hunt. However, I would gladly give that up if another woman in her life would take her.

  4. Jim Scheer

    I have two daughters that now hunt with me. I like the well thought out and designed features of the Camilla. Is it possible to get this in upgraded wood beyond the nice standard wood. Thank you. Jim Scheer

  5. Sindy edebohls

    Fantastic clip . I love my Camilla and also my vanguard gh2. Both in .308, both are awesome to use with very bad shoulders, I don’t feel one ounce of recoil, beautifully made rifles. Love the ending sentences, that children don’t look at hunting as a sport or hobby it’s a way we do life and take ownership of the animal we take. A true hunter is one that respects the animal they hunt. ????

  6. Larry D. Epling II

    My entire family hunts and truly enjoys the outdoors. I purchased my first WBY Mark V in 1974. We currently own 28 WBY rifles and shotguns. My wife is a left handed shooter. I wish you offered the new Camilla in a left handed model. Also , I would like to see the standard MK V Deluxe offered in .257mag. left hand. The current selection of left hand rifles are adequate for hunting yes, but you must agree that nothing replaces the enjoyment of carrying and admiring a nice Mk V select wood stock or even a Camilla in a lighter finish. A Vanguard Deluxe in left hand wood even be a highly desirable. Please consider , or direct me to your custom shop if this is something you will build. I’m a Weatherby supporter from way back, just hate to buy another brand. Incidently, I have a friend in Dubois WY, whose father was friends with Roy Weatherby. He has a custom .300 WBY that Roy gave to his father as a gift. Frank Welty Sr. of Dubois WY. The beautiful finish of these guns cannot be overlooked. Thanks for your time and consideration. Looking forward to hearing from you. L.D. Epling

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