I Am Mark V

The Mark V has been raising the standard for over half a century. And now with a new trigger, even better looks and an accuracy guarantee, the Mark V’s time is far from over.

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  1. David E. Fernandez

    I have had this rifle since 1976. Yes, I am a proud owner. I have nothing but success with this rifle, on the West coast, East coast and the southwest. It is truly my favorite for the field.

  2. Elvan Cole

    Why is it so very hard to find the Mark v, accumark, or fiber mark in 30-378. I live in the state of Wisconsin

  3. Glenn Bliss

    Outstanding film, reminds me why I’ve been carrying a Mark V to the field for over 30 years now. I plan to be doing the same 30 years from now.

  4. Terry Greer

    I purchased the Mark V Accumark back when it first came out because of the accuracy and it just looked cool with the fluted barrel and spider paint. Since then it has performed flawlessy making plenty of one shot kills on big game from Colorado to Africa.

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