Weatherby Family Road Trip: Arizona

Seeing the Grand Canyon from up top is one thing. Experiencing the relentless power of the Colorado River down below is something quite different, as the Weatherby family discovered on the first leg of their epic Western road trip.

Watch Episode 2: Utah

Watch Episode 3: Utah

Watch Episode 4: Wyoming

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  1. Christine Spane

    Excellent video – I’ve been hunting with Weatherby products for 30 years. There’s nothing better. Thank you, Roy Weatherby, for starting it all!

  2. Mike

    Can you guys give a few more details on the trip. Such as the company used to take you up the river. This is something I would love to do with my family

  3. SOMA 6

    Wonderful video!

    I haven’t hunted with the family heirloom yet, but I do shoot it at the range. I know it wasn’t meant for that, but a 300 magnum I feel is a bit much for Michigan whitetails.
    My 300 Weatherby Magnum is 55 years old and still looks new. Thank you Roy Weatherby.

  4. Kenny S

    When you said we were invited, i looked but couldnt find the enter button so i could go. Waaaaaa, i wanted to be there not watch. Good on the family. Looked fun as heck

  5. Kevin fritshaw

    I own buy and preach weatherby I want to know about future products and what the company is bringing to the customer. Every time I go on weatherby web site to purchase brass for my 30-378 your sold out. Or don’t ship to Canada. It’s nice to see your families va-cay but would love to see more about what weatherby as a fire arm company has to offer or more about a solution to my brass problem.

  6. Steven DSain Martin

    Great video this is why I own and hunt with Weatherby

  7. Terry Hinton

    I have a Weatherby and I love to hunt with Weatherby. Great video

  8. Hugh Prine

    Have hunted with Weatherby rifles almost my entire life. My top three rifles are the 300 wby. mag., the 270 wby mag. ,and my favorite, the 257 wby. Mag. With these three guns I can take any animal out there. Recently I decided I wanted to use a gun with less weight, so upon looking at what Weatherby was saling now, I chose the outfitter 270 wby mag. Used the mounts they suggested with a Vortex 3×9 Razor HD LH scope and have real good luck with a South Dakota deer. Next gun will be the 257 wby mag in the Westherby outfitter. Love the light weight. The gun really doesn’t seem to have any kick at all, but the you can take with it will surprise you.
    Happy trails.

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